Orders & Returns

Return Merchandise Authorisation Policy

The following is our Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Policy:

Compex Systems will give a credit of Wireless (1%)* / Wired (1%)* from the invoice value.

As such, there will be no RMA return. Claims are based on a quarterly basis.


How the RMA Wireless (1%)* / Wired (1%)* works:

1. RMA Wireless (1%)* / Wired (1%)* can be claimed every quarterly. 

2. RMA Wireless (1%)* / Wired (1%)* based on the invoice items quarterly.

For example, Total: 15,000 pcs x 1% =150 pcs


Contact Us:

Contact our customer service center email at: rma@compex.com.sg for more information

or visit our support page: https://www.compex.com.sg/support/ and click on 'Submit RMA'.

Please note that the claim will take approximately 1 to 4 weeks to process.

 -The RMA Wireless (1%)* / Wired (1%)* does not include RMA which is DOA and production batch problems.

-The RMA Wireless (1%)* / Wired (1%)* buffer is to cover the regular products RMA failure rate.


*Valid for 12 months upon invoice date.

*Out of warranty - freight both ways are to be bourne by customers.

*Out of warranty in which the customer is required to repair, freight both way will be paid by customer.

*After repair of out of warranty items, we will cover 3 months warranty.