Our Story

Compex Systems is wholly owned by Powermatic Data Systems Ltd (SGX Singapore). From its inception in 1987, Compex Systems has become a global player in design and manufacturing in the wireless industry with the Global headquarters in Singapore, Compex Systems offers a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf, value-added design and engineering services tailored to the global market and its needs. Compex Systems offers value to customers by increasing speed to market, provide unique, innovation and most importantly cost effective solution to enhance customer success and competitive in the challenging market.

With our own Manufacturing facilities based in Suzhou, China Compex Systems has easy access to engineering resources and a wide selections of manufacturing components. These advantages will help shorten the time to market, enhancing our competitiveness as an OEM, ODM and JDM for wireless solutions.

Our Expertise

Compex offers a total design solution for our OEM, ODM customers. Our role is to understand our customers’ needs and address all the engineering requirements – ranging from design, mechanical/tooling, software customization, and testing/verification, to volume manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Compex Systems also offer Joint Development Manufacturing (JDM) services where our engineering and development teams work jointly with our customers’ teams to ensure product development integrity, seamless manufacturing and faster time-to-market. Compex Systems is flexible in the type of business we are engaged in. Whether it is a Low-Mix High-Volume or High-Mix Low Volume solution, we are here to help in our customer’s success.

Hardware Capabilities

Joint development with customers to provide Qualcomm Atheros-based solutions to meet their requirements.

Software Capabilities

Develop customized Operating Systems, Network Management Solutions and wireless drivers to meet their requirements.

Shorter Time to Market

Wireless devices and software are designed to be readily implemented and customizable to customer’s individual needs for shorter time to market.